Monday, June 26, 2017

NEWS FLASH: New Soruce of Healthy Living Products!

One of the main reasons we're in Melaleuca is because they offer quality products that avoid harsh chemicals and are good for you. I've recently discussed their quality vitamins that are clinically proven to be effective thanks to the Oligo® system of mineral absorption which no other vitamin can claim. In fact, because other vitamins don't have something like Oligo®, they mostly don't get metabolized and go in the toilet.

We still have a lot more of their products to review for you based on our experience. But that is why we use and promote the use of the Melaleuca products: because they promote a healthy living space.

This weekend, we happened upon another company with the same goals and dedication to their products, in as far as we could discern. Enough so, that we've signed up to be consultants in that company and can sell directly to you and others, unlike Melaleuca which all we can do is point and help you join the discount club.

What is this new venture and what does it mean for our participation in Melaleuca?

The name of the company is Norwex®. Their main products involve a specialized microfiber cleaning systems that mostly eliminate the need for a cleaner at all, that's right, you can use water alone to clean your house (aside from some really stubborn stains) and yet will get it cleaner than using harsh chemicals while killing 99% of the bacteria as well. They also promote the replacement of cleaning with harsh chemicals, not by substituting them with safer plant-based solutions as Melaleuca does, but by getting rid of needing them all together!

We'll have more about this company and their products in the very near future. Meanwhile, you can already visit our online site ( ) where you can learn more about their products, buy from us, and/or contact us about holding a party either in your house (if you live reasonably close to Marble Falls, TX) or on Facebook.

Does Norwex® having competing products that you can buy from Melaleuca? Yes they do. For example, they have a bathroom cleaner similar to Melaleuca's Tub n' Tile®. Which one is better? We have yet to find out. But you can expect some comparisons in the near future as Lenita test them out in the real world of her cleaning business. Stay tuned for that.

Despite the overlap, we love and trust Melaleuca's products. Norwex® has a high bar to reach for us to declare their equivalents as good as or better than Melaleuca's. Which ever way it turns out, you'll know we are recommending products we feel confident about.

Likewise, there are plenty of products Norwex® sells which Melaleuca doesn't (as well as Melaleuca has some Norwez® doesn't) that will also contribute to a healthier living space and life. Enough so, we feel good about offering both company's resources as means to that goal.

So you should start to see some updates to our website here to reflect that reality in the near future. We encourage you to contact us about how you can obtain their products and/or become a part of their exciting organizations. You won't regret it!

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