Friday, June 2, 2017

Are Your Vitamins Doing the Job?

Ideally, we'd get all our vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,  and other nutritional needs from our diet. However, there are few who can manage their meals in order to accomplish that goal. The usual solution is to take multi-vitamins, however, how do we know whether they are effective in supplying what we need? How do we know whether the bioavailability is adequate to take advantage of the nutrition in those pills?

One of Melaleuca's high quality products is its vitamins. There are three main reasons why you'll be hard-pressed to find better vitamins anywhere else.

1. High quality vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements that are effective.

Of course for vitamins and supplements to improve one's health, the ingredients in them need to pure, top quality, and in sufficient quantities. Anyone who is familiar with Melaleuca products knows the consistent quality and value they diligently infuse into everything they do. It would be no surprise that their vitamins and supplements follow this same company-wide commitment to excellence.

Of course, there are many unfamiliar with Melaleuca's products, and anyone can claim that their products are unbeaten among the competition. Every company is going to say their product is top quality, whether it really is or not.

That's why Melaleuca goes a step further. After all, you'll be putting this stuff into your body. How can you know it is not only effective, but safe? That's why . . .

2. Melaleuca verified their vitamins and supplements' effectiveness through two clinical trials.

I don't know of any other vitamin brand who substantiates its product by scientific clinical trials. All you'll find to support other brand's claims are testimonials harvested from customers. Even if you were able to factor out those who over exaggerated their experience or outright lied, it would still be easy enough to find testimonies of "it works!" among those susceptible to the placebo effect to prove any product does what it claims. While testimonies can offer support for scientific facts, alone they mean nothing.

If the vitamins you are taking are only supported by testimonies, maybe you should give some consideration as to why that is the case? Support from clinical trials means you can have confidence that the effectiveness of Melaleuca vitamins and supplements is real, and not fake.

That is how you know the claim in point 1 is true. Cheap ingredients would not have produced positive results in those trials. Which, incidentally, is why most of the other brands don't do a clinical trial--they'd fail.

3. Real scientist developed a formula to increase bioavailability called Oligo®.

Oligo® itself has been scientifically studied. "In a study at the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg, Canada, irrefutable scientific data confirmed that Oligo delivers an unparalleled level of actual absorption through the intestinal wall. In fact, the study showed that Oligo provides up to four times greater absorption than other mineral forms." (Finally, U.S. Doctors And Researchers Agree With Melaleuca Scientists! … Our Competitor’s vitamin supplements are essentially worthless!)

In short, you can trust a large percentage of the Melalueca's vitamins, minerals, and herbs to enter your body than you would from most any other brand. It is highly likely much of what you take now gets flushed down the toilet. Now that is an expensive vitamin!

Personal Experience

As I stated, personal testimonies are not bad. However, they can't prove the effectiveness of any product for the majority of people. In part because of the placebo effect, in part because there frequently isn't a clear cause-effect relationship established. They may make it seem that way, but due to the uncontrolled method, the sense of "feeling more alert" could just as likely be a result of drinking an energy drink, eating a healthy breakfast, or getting a good night's sleep than due to taking a particular product.

At best, a personal testimony can only say, "This worked for me. Maybe you'll find similar results. Maybe you won't." But when backed by scientific studies, it becomes illustrative and supportive of the conclusions reached by a study. Even then, any particular individual may not respond like most do in a study.

With that disclaimer aside, what you want to know is whether I have personal experience with them or not and what do I honestly think about them?

First, a little background on my health. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2013. First symptoms occurred in 2012. The disease has progressed since then, and so far medication has kept me functional and independent. If you know anything about the five stages of Parkinson's, I'm in stage 2. I think I've stayed in stage 2 this long (since 2014) because the last two years I've been exercising a lot.

To be clear, Melaleuca nor I am touting their vitamins as a treatment for Parkinson's symptoms. While there are proven health benefits shown by the studies, no one is making any claims that these vitamins treat any disease.

I've been on Melaleuca's Peak Performance Pack for Brain Health for over a month now. It might help to tell you how this fits into Melaleuca's vitamin product line.

The core base is their multi-vitamin: Vitality. There are three formulas of it: men, women, and 50+. Next step up is adding a Calcium dosage to the vitamins, which is called the Vitality Pack. The next one in line is the Vitality Essential Nutrition Pack, which pairs the vitamins up with some antioxidants, cardiovascular support, and digestive and immunity support. This combination forms the core for the rest of the packs. Throw in vascular support and fighting inflammation from exertion, and you have the Peak Performance Nutrition Pack. Using that pack as a base, Melaleuca adds a combination of supplements to create four specialized packs: brain health, bone and joint health, metabolic health, and heart health. The Peak Performance Brain Pack is the one I use. Then for the person who says, "I need all of that!" There is the Peak Performance Total Health Pack. It contains all of the vitamins and supplements mentioned. *(Product links don't go to the products on mobile phones.)

On the subjective side, I do feel it is helping my energy levels, improved sexual functioning, and my body is doing as well as can be expected, given how much I workout and play Pickle Ball. Brain focus seems to have improved, as well as the sight in my left eye. I say this is the subjective side because improvements tend to be gradual and I can't guarantee that they aren't due to other factors.

I should note that Melaleuca encourages one to go 90 days on one of the Peak Performance Packs before noting improvements. I'm into the second month taking these. I'll try to give an update at the 90 day mark as to the final notes on what is different.

However, there was one definitive improvement I noticed within the first week. One of the "gifts" Parkinson's has given me is constipation. It became bad for quite some time, but I found it could be controlled with magnesium and fiber decently well. Wasn't the perfect solution, but overall it worked.

So when I contemplated switching from the supplement list I was taking to this vitamin pack, I noticed that the combined total magnesium in the pack was less than what I had been taking. So when I started taking these, I braced myself for the return of constipation.

However, the exact opposite happened. My bowel movements became near-perfect regular, even better than pre-Parkinson's. It has stayed that way the entire time I've been on them. My guess is the probiotic has something to do with it. I was taking a probiotic before, but apparently it wasn't nearly as effective as Melaleuca's.

I should also add that my wife had been taking a competitor's vitamins to help her with pain due to cleaning houses all day. They were helping, but they were also costly and didn't include some of the benefits Melaleuca's did without adding them in, making it even more expensive. So my wife gave one of Melaleuca's packs a try. She reported it did just as good as the competitor's, if not better. She's still in month one of taking them.

I also like the pre-packed packets. Each 30 day set has an AM and a PM packet containing all the supplements to take. Convenient and easy to take on trips.

So far, I'm impressed. Look for a future update when I've been taking them for 90 days.

Bottom line: Melaleuca's vitamins can't be beat for proven health benefits both scientific and testimonial based. There's a vitamin combo for most any budget, ranging from $16 to $119 at prefered customer discounts as of this date.

You can't go wrong. To get these vitamins and supplements, as well as many other high-quality but affordable products, submit a request for more information about how to join the club on our contact page.

Do it now before you forget!

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